Law Offices of David D. Kim

David D Kim

Law Offices of David D. Kim

2013 – Present

  • Handle all clients needs including criminal, transactional, and general civil litigation: personal injury, wrongful foreclosure/loan modification, breach of contract.


Contract Attorney
Shouse Law Group
2013 – 2020

  • Appear in superior court for criminal cases regarding arraignments, continuances, and entering of pleas.
  • Complete requests for discovery and return of personal property.
  • Advise clients of their rights, all steps of the criminal proceeding, and other aspects of the criminal process.


General Counsel
Hometown Medical Supplies, Inc.
2012 – 2015

  • Ran daily operations of small business and interact with clients.
  • Oversaw Medicare regulatory compliance and the Durable Medical Equipment bidding process.
  • Advised client on issues of taxation, lease agreements, supplier contracts, and disputes between merchants.


Contract Attorney
Law Offices of Scott Lin, Farmers Insurance Group Subrogation Attorney
2012 –  2013

  • Prepared complaints, opposition to demurrs, arbitration briefs, motions for summary judgment, demand, and client letters.
  • Analyzed feasibility of subrogation actions and determined all possible defendants and causes of action.
  • Appeared in superior court for civil cases regarding case management conferences.



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