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Our Success


$1,880,000 settlement for loan servicer’s wrongful foreclosure, wrongful eviction, conversion, and reckless mishandling of loan modification. Servicer conceded after five years of litigation and days before trial.

$300,000 settlement for reduction in principle mortgage balance for loan servicer’s grossly negligent handling of loan modification application.

$40,000.00 in attorneys fees and costs awarded by the court in conjunction with preliminary injunction of pending trustee’s sale.



$100,000 for damage to commercial property after carrier’s initial denial to extend coverage under client’s policy.

$75,000 settlement for violent dog bite incident when prior counsel mishandled file and initial stages of litigation.

$35,000 in damages to vehicle after multiple denials by carrier to extend coverage.



Domestic violence charges dismissed prior to jury selection.

Drug sales charges referred to drug court and charges expunged.

.21 BAC DUI charges dismissed pursuant to successful suppression hearing.